The Australian College of Dermatologists recommends use of sunscreen "at any age when there is unavoidable exposure to the sun”, and advises sunscreen is safe to use on babies.

It is ideal to keep babies under 12 months out of direct sun, unless they are well protected, and use various forms of sun protection. A number of reputable Australian sunscreen brands have baby or toddler sunscreen available. These formulations are equally as protective, although gentler on a child's delicate skin.

Before applying sunscreen on delicate skin, we recommend testing the sunscreen on a small area of your child’s skin to ensure there are no harmful or adverse reactions.

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council advises under supervision children should be encouraged to apply their own sunscreen (if they are able to).  This not only fosters responsibility and independence, although also sets good sun protection habits, which is essential when out in the harsh Aussie sun.

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