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Zovirax Invisiseal Cold Sore Patches 12 PK

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If things go beyond the tingle, Zovirax invisiSeal patches are a great way to help keep a cold sore blister from holding you back. Each patch is an ultra thin film that discreetly covers the blister and reduces the risk of the virus spreading

 By covering the blister with a Zovirax invisiSeal patch, you can reduce the risk of transferring the cold sore virus to your loved ones. This is especially important if you have babies or small children. Some people become infected with the virus when they are very young, but the virus often lies dormant for many years. If you work in the hospitality industry or with young children, then wearing a Zovirax invisiSeal patch at work is probably a good idea. It can help reduce the risk of transferring the virus to others.

Once the blister has appeared, the virus can spread to other areas of your mouth and nose. By wearing a Zovirax invisiSeal patch you protect the blister and reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Whilst no cold sore patches are medicated, by creating a germ-free environment, a Zovirax invisiSeal patch will promote healing in a similar way as a band-aid helps heal a cut or graze. It can also reduce redness and swelling. Remember to apply Zovirax antiviral cream when you're not wearing a patch. If you apply a Zovirax invisiSeal patch to clean dry skin it can adhere for up to 12 hours†. But some people may find them tricky to apply. So before you try, we suggest you watch our 'How to apply' video or download our 'How to apply' brochure. Zovirax invisiSeal does not carry an antiviral. For this reason, it's important that when you're not wearing your patch, you treat the cold sore with Zovirax antiviral cream.

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